Generally speaking, the office maiden should be clean, pretty and fresh as the morning dew—don’t be the victim of your own halitosis!  Assume that your breath should always be kissable!  Carry a pocket flask of mouthwash, and have a second flask of toilet water.  Strong perfumes are best suited to evening or lunch affairs.  A girl may also need special supplies.  For you, the secret to success is keeping your purse well stocked!

Too much make-up is usually vulgar.  Don't look like a clown, or worse!  Wearing no make-up, however, can be equally unflattering.  Style your hair fashionably, and use shampoos that have an active ingredient of animal cholesterol.  A girl with clanging bracelets is generally considered an office menace.  If you tend towards corpulence, avoid clothing that is baggy or too tight.   

If your budget only permits one or two ensembles, opt for a dark color scheme, which doesn't show stains.  Accessorize with color accents.  Brown is not a good base color in a wardrobe, as brown often hues the wearer with the jaundiced complexion of an elderly scallop.

Always be ready to break the rules!  If your employer has a fondness for spike high heels, it may be time to crack open that piggy bank—and to make an investment in your future!  The wise office maiden knows that opportunists make their own opportunities.