Always be prepared to produce your birth certificate, your naturalization papers, your employment record, your marital status and history, your height, your weight, your measurements, your favorite song, and your turn ons and turn offs.

Always be willing to be subjected to a physical and/or psychological test.  It is your imperative duty to your employer to be sound of body and mind, and without defect.

Always be cooperative if you are obligated to be fingerprinted and/or photographed, or to fill out a questionnaire concerning your whereabouts and activities.  Any such investigation is designed for your protection as well as that of the company.  Falsification of this record is adequate cause for dismissal.  Do not be hesitant to answer questions that appear to be of a personal nature.  You are merely an employee, and don’t see the larger picture that is seen by your employer.

Be on the alert for any suspicious actions on the part of your fellow employees.  

Security guards are posted at every exit and entrance to the offices and property.  They inspect all persons and vehicles entering or leaving the grounds, check all badges and passes, and examine all packages for contraband, explosive devices, and anything else they might be directed to look for.  On behalf of management, they may also mount surprise inspections.  In their own province the guards have absolute authority, and have been granted the license to kill for any infractions, no matter how slight.

The paper cups are for your urine.  The syringes are for your blood.  Other samples may be required.