Does somebody need something?  Can you provide it?

Always be on the lookout to satisfy the people you work for.  Remember, there are both internal and external customers, and they all have needs.

There will be people that you need to satisfy, for example, right off the street—while there will also be people, from your own organization, that you need to satisfy regularly.

Although you may have previously thought of your fellow workers and superiors as co-workers, make no mistake, they are clients of what you have to offer.  Don't delude yourself into thinking that you are working with people who you are actually working for.

Taking your customers for granted means taking your job for granted—and that's a risky way to pursue a profession!

Unless you thoroughly satiate your customer, your customers will find another provider who offers full service.  There is always a younger, cheaper you, just waiting to steal your business.

The softer your service goes, the less you will be in demand.  The question is not whether the terms of your service are fair and equitable, but who will provide the best bargain, you or someone else?

Never say never.  Bottom line, the customer, who is always right, is your only source of job security.