Mary Sue was exhausted.  She knew it was her personal responsibility to dedicate the majority of her free time to sleeping, but she was still tired on the morning of the big symposium.

Norman couldn't help but wonder what was making Mary Sue so blue.

"Mary Sue, why so blue?" he asked, as he pulled a fuzzy gumdrop out from the corner of his pocket to offer her.

"Oh, I don’t know," she said, accepting the gumdrop, as she always did, even though she didn't like them, "I sleep and sleep, but I never feel well rested when I'm at work."

"Are you drinking enough coffee?" asked Norman.  

Sue nodded her head.  

Norman rubbed his chin, "Hmm, are you maximizing your sleep time?  For example: do you always make the fullest possible use of your dreams?  Are you always sure to apply your subconscious to improving your performance at work?  Does your attention wander?  Do you utilize subliminal imprinting throughout your slumbering hours?"

"Wow," said Sue, genuinely impressed with Norman's proposition, "that's a good idea.  I'll think of my bed as my second office."